The Mobile Hearing Aid Process

We provide personalized hearing care for all individuals who are curious to determine if they have hearing loss or if they may be in need of hearing aid solutions. Your free hearing appointment will involve a comprehensive hearing evaluation as well as an expert consultation to discuss the evaluation results. In this expert consultation, your dedicated hearing care professional will help you understand what, if any, degree of hearing loss may exist for you and possible solutions to treat the effects.

After your free appointment takes place, we offer a variety of services to accommodate your personal hearing aid and hearing loss needs:

  • Personalized hearing aid fittings, with no-obligation
  • Hearing aid repairs for most major brands
  • Custom ear mold impressions for hearing protection, musician molds, swim molds and more
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Assistive listening devices such as TV Ears, etc.
  • Medical referrals
  • Hearing awareness programs
  • Aural rehabilitation at no cost
  • Continuing hearing consultations

Hearing Healthcare in the Privacy of Your Home!

We come to you. Venus Mobile Hearing is registered with the major insurance companies and discount hearing plans. Our providers are credentialed with these entities, thus over 95% of our patients are health insurance referrals.

How Does It Work?

Your insurance company calls Venus Mobile Hearing to refer you for a hearing evaluation and potential Hearing instrument fitting. At that time either your insurance company is on a 2-way call with you and us, or we are asked to call you and schedule your appointment at a time that is mutually convenient in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Our providers bring their equipment to you. They are equipped to perform audiometric testing, take impressions for custom products, and fit and service medical hearing devices.

The typical appointment will consist of:

  1. Intake questions to get a sense of your perceived needs
  2. Otoscopic evaluation where the specialist performs a physical review of your ear (external and internal)
  3. Audiometric evaluation that includes air conduction, bone conduction, and speech testing
  4. Review of the results and discussion of your struggles as they relate to the results
  5. Treatment recommendations

When you and your provider determine your treatment path, the provider will submit the recommendation to the insurance company for approval, order your hearing devices, and return to your home for your fitting and follow-up care.

All services are provided per your insurance benefit guidelines.

Additionally Venus Mobile Hearing also offers affordable co-pay services and self-pay options for those items not covered by insurance. Some of these may include access to assistive listening devices, custom impressions for hearing protection/musician molds/swim molds/etc., aural rehabilitation sessions, hearing aid servicing, and annual hearing testing and hearing instrument recalibration.

We Accept All Insurance Providers

We work with all major insurance providers including United Healthcare and Aetna. We'll work with you and your insurance provider (typically on a 2-way call) to schedule your initial appointment and get you fitted with the right hearing aids.

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