About Venus Mobile Hearing

On February 7, 2018, Venus Mobile Hearing took to the road in the Tampa region and offered hearing healthcare services in the privacy of patient homes and living facilities. Since then we have expanded to the Orlando and Bradenton/Sarasota areas keeping our four hearing healthcare providers busy delivering exceptional service and value to patients needing, or wanting, the conveniences we offer.

Venus Mobile Hearing’s mission is to make hearing healthcare affordable to ALL patients. We work with major insurance companies and discount hearing instrument plans to ensure that every referral can be fit with medical hearing devices at discounted pricing from the traditional self-pay model. Some patients even receive hearing devices for free.

Our hearing healthcare providers are experienced Audiologists and Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists who are passionate about their mission, their patients, and improving the quality of life of every individual within their sphere of influence. As a team they stay motivated, educated, and dedicated to staying abreast of the newest protocols and products in the hearing healthcare industry.

Meet Our Team

Sherry Johnson
Ken Krieg


Every business I am involved in is cause driven. Giving away free hearing aids or
heavily discounted became a mission 4 years ago. Now coupling that with mobile in-
home service has made us very unique and popular.
I am so proud of our team and the care you will have.


The pleasure is ours.

Sherry Johnson
Sherry Jackson

AuD (serving the Orlando area)

Raised as a daughter in a career military family, Sherry has lived a life of varied experiences. Following High school in Longwood, FL, she worked as a chairside dental assistant for 14 years while attending college. Moving to Tallahassee, FL Sherry completed her graduate degree with honors while working with a forensic scientist preparing data for juries from undercover detective discussions with criminals.for the southeast drugs and firearms department. She completed her residency at the Atlanta VA hospital.

Following her husband, she worked for the UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC, UW Hospitals in Madison, WI and UT Hospitals and Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, TN. Sherry Returned to Florida in 2008 to be near her aging parents while continuing to see patients in local hospitals and ENT offices. Retiring from office work, Sherry joined Venus Mobile Hearing where she enjoys HELPING PEOPLE HEAR BETTER in the comfort of their own environment.

Venus Mobile Hearing
Devin Casey

HIS (serving the Tampa area)

My name is Devin Creasey and I have been in the Hearing industry for 17 years. I was diagnosed with a bone disease called Otosclerosysis when I was in college which ultimately put me on my current professional path as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. I have worn hearing aids since I was 20 years old and my own hearing loss is what has made me want to help people of all ages that have hearing loss.

I am not your typical provider since I have been on both sides as a patient and provider. I like to share my personal experience with my patient along with honest upfront information about myself and the hearing industry.

Jayson Arthur
Jayson Arthur

HIS (serving the Sarasota area)

HIS specialist and Board Certified in the state of Florida. My mobile unit will service roughly 30 mile radius of Sarasota. I graduated from Purdue 30 years ago. Been serving hearing patients for almost 3 decades. Helping people hear has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

I am very social and enjoy meeting new people. My favorite hobby is golf. I look forward to meeting and helping new friends in the greater Sarasota area.

Kate. E. Wooten, Au.D.
Kate Wooten
AuD (serving the Fort Pierce area)

Dr. Kate Wooten completed her undergraduate work in 2008 from Michigan State University and completed her doctorate in audiology in 2012 from Nova Southeastern University. She has experience in many different settings from a family-owned private audiology practice to a large Ear, Nose and Throat group. She has also worked in the school system with children that have hearing loss and auditory processing challenges, completing diagnostic hearing and auditory processing evaluations, and fitting hearing aids with teacher microphones.

She is passionate about educating the family, community, and her patients (no matter the age) about their hearing loss and helping them learn how to advocate for themselves towards better communication.

Currently, she is working as a contract audiologist, bringing professional and experienced hearing healthcare to the patient. She specializes in diagnostic hearing evaluations for all ages, hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid prescription and fitting, and auditory processing evaluation and management.

Dr. Wooten lives in Fort Pierce, Florida with her firefighter husband Joe, and their 2 adventurous boys Everett, and Grant. As a family they enjoy homeschooling, traveling, boating, hiking, and spending time with their 2 dogs and a flock of backyard chickens.

Joanna Weeden
Marisa Breslin

AuD (serving the Colorado area)

Dr. Marisa Breslin has been a clinical audiologist since 1999 and brings to the table a rich background in the hearing healthcare industry.  She has had a wide variety of experience in private practice, ear, nose, and throat clinics, hospitals, hearing conservation, and has worked for 2 different hearing instrument manufacturers in sales, technical support and training through  government and large retail business channels. She is presently a  Board Certified Doctor of Audiology with the American Board of Audiology and licensed in the state of Colorado.  She completed her education at the University of Colorado (BS), University of Northern Colorado (MA), and Salus University (Au.D.).

Presently, Dr. Marisa is a contract audiologist and specializes in diagnostic testing, hearing aid evaluations, dispensing of prescription hearing devices, and tinnitus.  Her experience as a contract Audiologist has provided much exposure to different clinic protocols and varied practices.  Dr. Marisa is highly versatile and knowledgeable in matching hearing problems to appropriate hearing solutions using best and proven practices.  Her passion is volunteering her time traveling to medical missions to provide hearing healthcare to those in need.  She has traveled to Mexico, Haiti, and Ecuador to complete such missions and donates a portion of her earnings to such causes.  She is also passionate about helping her patients find solutions to their hearing healthcare needs.

Dr. Marisa is our first provider based outside of Florida in Louisville, Colorado.  She lives with her husband Eric and their beautiful children, Jackson and Cecilia.  In their free time, they enjoy traveling as a family as well as skiing, hiking, and tending to their pets, a dog, 2 cats and 3 chickens.

Ray Hicks
Ray Hicks
Hearing Instrument Specialist

With a passion for enhancing the lives of others, Ray Hicks brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Ray is from North Carolina and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Ray’s journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Ray has a distinguished 27-year career in the US Army (Retired), where he honed his skills in leadership, discipline, and service. After retiring from the military, which deepened his understanding of the science behind hearing and auditory health.

Ray’s love for all sports, particularly golf, mirrors his dynamic approach to life. Whether on the golf course or in the clinic, he is driven by a commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to help others. His expertise in hearing instruments, combined with his compassionate nature, allows him to make a significant impact on the lives of those with hearing impairments.

Ray is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest advancements in hearing technology and providing personalized care to his clients. His military background instills a sense of duty and precision in his work, ensuring that each individual receives the highest standard of service.

Ray Hicks is not just a specialist; he is a trusted partner in his clients’ journey to better hearing, dedicated to improving their quality of life one step at a time.

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