Care Instructions for Medical Hearing Devices

Each part of the amplification system needs to be cared for and properly maintained. Care and maintenance should be discussed during the fitting appointment with your mobile hearing aid specialist.

Maintaining and caring for your hearing instrument extends its life expectancy and provides for long-term trouble-free functioning.

In addition to routine care of your hearing aid devices, you’ll also want to follow proper cleaning instructions to ensure they continue working as intended.


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Hearing Aid Care Instructions

  • Handle with care.
  • Store in a safe place that’s dry and cool.
  • Change hearing aid batteries often so they don’t suddenly run out of power.
  • Switch off when you’re not using it. If you don’t use it for a long period of time, remove the battery.
  • Battery contacts should be cleaned regularly. Use a cotton swab, taking care not to bend the contacts. Dirty battery contacts can cause improper device function.
  • Remove earwax to prevent temporary malfunction or permanent damage.
  • Clean using the small brush or the soft cloth that came with it. Never insert tools into the sound outlet. Doing so could damage the receiver. If you can’t clean the hearing device completely, ask your hearing professional for help.
  • Change filters often so they don’t collect wax or dirt.
  • Accumulated earwax may prevent sounds from traveling from the hearing aid into the middle ear. Contact your doctor regularly to have your ear canals cleaned.
  • Never remove the earwax from the ear yourself. Doing so could damage your ear.
  • Don’t wear your hearing device in the shower, swimming, when using a hair dryer, hair spray or other types of spray
  • It is recommended that you make an annual 6 month deep cleaning appointment with your hearing health care professional

Hearing Aid Battery Color Conversion Chart

Size 10 YELLOW
Size 13 ORANGE

Size 312 BROWN
Size 675 BLUE

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